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Deaf Awareness Week Tip 7

Writing to Communicate Even if you follow all the tips we’ve shared this week, a deaf or hard

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 6

Use Simple Body Language and Visual Cues! Many deaf and hard-of-hearing people are visual. Ge

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 5

Body position is important! Body positioning is also very important. Face the person and if p

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 4

Speak in a clear way, unexaggerated way -It takes a lot of energy for deaf or hard-of-hearing

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 3

Getting someone’s attention -If someone is deaf or hard of hearing, shouting at them across a

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 2

Signs that someone can’t hear you Approximately 48 million people in the US have some degree

Deaf Awareness Week Tip 1

In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, Guam Hearing Doctors will be sharing a tip each day from Sept

Improve Your Sleep Quality with Hearing Aids

After a long day at work, it’s time for bed, and for some reason, you still toss and turn and

Heard of Ear Candling? Spoiler, It Doesn't Work!

You may have heard that cotton swabs or Q-tips are not recommended to use in your ears.

Summer is Here! Protect Your Ears!

Enjoying all that summer has to offer….don’t let summer fun end EARly. Here are some tips to

Your Sacrifice is Heard!

Remember and honor our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we

Hearing Aid Advancements Since They Were First Made

Put simply, modern hearing aids are technological wonders. Modern hearing aids have benefited