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The Guam Hearing Doctor provides diagnostic audiological evaluations, hearing loss rehabilitation, hearing aids, tinnitus treatment solutions, custom ear pieces for hearing loss prevention or recreational activities, education and counseling to improve communication.

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Our goal is to provide the best hearing solutions to our patients that will enhance communication, social confidence, memory and balance. We want our patients to remain active and enjoy conversations with family and friends.  

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Better communication, protecting your hearing, improving memory and balance, managing tinnitus, and your overall wellness are our priorities.

We evaluate and assess your hearing, otolgoical symptoms, medical history, and communication challenges to match the best technology to meet your needs. We are more than just hearing aids! We obtain baseline auditory thresholds and data to monitor changes in your auditory system over time, or before and after medical treatments.

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Please fill out the following form prior to your first visit with GHD.


Please fill out the following form prior to your first visit with GHD.


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