In honor of Deaf Awareness Week, Guam Hearing Doctors will be sharing a tip each day from September 21st through September 27th.

Deafness is a general term describing varying degrees of hearing loss. If someone says they are deaf, this may mean they are not able to hear anything at all, or they may follow a conversation with the use of hearing aids. Deafness may be present in one or both ears.

Depending on the degree of hearing loss, age of onset, and rehabilitation history, individuals with deafness may utilize sign language, lip-reading, and/or the use of an interpreter to effectively communicate. Now more than ever, with the widespread use of masks against the fight of COVID-19, it has become increasingly difficult for the deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate.

So the tip for day is to be patient and speak clearly and slowly #IWDeaf #deafawarenessweek #guamhearingdoctors