After a long day at work, it’s time for bed, and for some reason, you still toss and turn and have a hard time falling asleep despite the fact that you’re completely drained by bedtime.

Is it the ringing, humming, or even thumping noise in your head? Researchers have documented that individuals with hearing loss often have a difficult time falling asleep, and here are some reasons why:

• Ringing in your ears or tinnitus can keep you awake at night.

• Hearing loss is connected to depression. The sleep cycle can be disturbed by chemical imbalances caused by depression.

• As hearing loss develops, your brain is working harder and starts to strain. It’s searching for inputs from your ears that aren't there.

Better hearing can lead to better sleep! According to a study, 59% of individuals who are hearing aid users are more satisfied with their sleep. Here's why:

• Hearing aids may reduce the demand on your brain. You don't have to work so hard to detect sound or follow the conversation.

• Hearing aids may be an effective way to manage your tinnitus symptoms, by providing your brain with useful auditory information that it is missing.

• Hearing aids may improve communication and reduce overall social isolation. When hanging out with your friends, you’re not so likely to feel isolated and depressed. It can reduce the “cabin fever” associated sleep cycle troubles.

Link to study here:

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